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Use this form to generate "Cookie" files for downloading Eclipse DSU data.
(a "Cookie" file will serve as a marker, telling the DSU where to begin the next download. This will allow you to download
only new flights, and thus download the data much faster.)

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If you are unfamiliar with how to find the above information, refer to the last file downloaded from your aircraft. It will
have a filename similar to: "EA500.000152_00728_20170131.eaofh"
The serial number of your aircraft will be the 4 digits to the left of the first underscore (in this case, #152), and the
flight record number will be between both underscores (in this case, #728).

To report any bugs or get to get assistance please email atc@flightdata.com

If you would are looking for information about how to upload files, please visit the uploads tutorial page HERE