Wireless data capture is here with BlueMAX

The BlueMax is a bluetooth adapter that enables wireless streaming of aircraft (systems and navigation) data to a portable device. When paired with the free BlueMAX mobile app (available for iOS and Android) the user’s mobile device becomes a portable multifunction display and data recorder.

How it Works

BlueMAX captures and records aircraft data
Data is transmitted in real time to your BlueMAX enabled mobile device
Data is automatically uploaded to the cloud from your mobile device

Compatible Aircraft:

  • Cirrus SR series (SR20, SR22, SR22TN, SR22T) aircraft G1-G5 (including ARNAV, Avidyne Entegra and Garmin Perspective)
  • Most other Avidyne Entegra equipped piston aircraft (Piper, Columbia)
  • JPI EDM series engine monitors (EDM 700/730/740/760/790/800/830/900/930/960)
  • A complete list can be found in the BlueMAX installation manual - Desktop Example


Wireless Data Capture

Data streaming and logging in real time, eliminating the hassle of manual downloads. All data can be viewed directly on the BlueMax Android/iOS app and can be immediately uploaded to for further analysis. Integration

Automatically stream data to the cloud using an existing cellular device (no additional data plans or subscriptions required).

Onboard Memory

The BlueMAX has built in memory allowing for data capture during flights without a paired mobile device.

Automatic Pairing

Automatic connection to the BlueMAX adapter without opening the BlueMAX app

Flag faulty probes

BlueMAX monitors the data quality from CHT and EGT probes, and will flag those that appear to have bad connections, helping you make informed decisions about whether a high temperature is real or an indication error.

Per-second data logging

Data is logged once per second instead of once every 6 seconds on the Avidyne MFD. This captures more detailed information and makes post-flight analysis of GAMI sweeps and magneto checks more useful.

MFD Backup or replacement

With BlueMAX installed a failure of your MFD becomes a minor issue, and if you’re faced with a multi-thousand dollar fee to repair the MFD you may choose to replace it with an iPad and BlueMAX.

In-flight data analysis

Not only is data analysis on the ground easy, but BlueMAX lets you graph the data for your current flight while still in the air! Something changed? See exactly what happened and when.

Customised limits and alerts

BlueMAX allows you to set your own limits on engine parameters. Think 420F is too high for redline CHT? Choose your own. Set caution limits where you want them and be alerted when they are exceeded.

Left/Right tank tracking

BlueMAX enables you to track the contents of each fuel tank in flight. It will prompt you to switch tanks when the imbalance between sides requires it.

Moving map and route

If connected to a GPS source, BlueMAX provides a moving map and route information, with fuel at destination and other information.

Easy installation

BlueMAX is a simple 1 hour installation in most Avidyne and ARNAV Cirrus aircraft. It’s also compatible with many JPI engine monitors.

Straightforward Installation

  • We offer installation specific adapter harnesses designed to connect the BlueMAX module via existing aircraft wiring connectors.
  • Refer to the installation instructions to identify which harness is needed.
  • For Avidyne and Arnav MFD equipped aircraft, the adapter harness connects to existing connectors for engine and GPS data and separate wiring is provided to power the unit via the "12VDC outlet" circuit breaker on the non essential bus.
    • Early serial number Avidyne MFD equipped aircraft with the SIU engine monitoring system (aircraft with analog engine gauges on the right side of the panel) may require additional wiring to install applicable wiring connectors (refer to section 6.5.1 of the installation manual for details).
  • Using the BlueMAX as a replacement MFD (Avidyne and ARNAV aircraft): Specific harnesses are available for certain installations in which the MFD has been removed:
    • For Avidyne equipped aircraft with the SIU engine monitoring system (aircraft with analog engine gauges on the right side of the panel), the "SIU Basic" adapter harness is available which plugs into the MFD connector, providing power and data (Engine & GPS) in a single connection.
    • For ARNAV equipped aircraft, the "ARNAV Basic" adapter harness is available without the passthrough wiring for the MFD, however separate wiring for GPS data and Power will still be required.
  • For Garmin Perspective equipped aircraft, the RDM adapter harness is available which plugs into the RDM connector, providing power and data (All aircraft systems & GPS) in a single connection.
  • Installation will need to be done by an authorised person (e.g. an A&P.)
  • Installation time varies from 1-3 hours depending on aircraft configuration and the experience of the installer.
  • A logbook entry is required and a flight manual/POH supplement is provided.
  • Installation and setup videos can be viewed on our Media and News page.


Production hardware is shipping now, and installation has been approved (see below). Apps for Android and iOS devices are available on the Play Store and the App Store.


Installation of BlueMAX has been approved by EASA, which directly covers all countries in the EASA regulatory structure. This also means it can be installed in other countries that have bilateral agreements with EASA, including Australia, the USA and Canada.

Other countries may also accept EASA approval under a bilateral agreement. The references for this reciprocal acceptance are:

CASR 1998 regulation 21.470 applies. Refer also to CASA AC 21-08, paragraph 5.23 which covers recognition of foreign approvals. The BlueMAX EASA approval meets all the criteria specified.
The BlueMAX installation is a minor change as classified by 14 CFR 21.93(a). AC 43-210A paragraph confirms that an authorized person can perform a minor change with acceptable data, documented by a logbook entry. The EASA approval both provides evidence ("acceptable data") that it is a minor change , and is also considered approved by the FAA per the FAA/EASA Technical Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness and Environmental Certification, paragraph 3.2.2 and 3.3.2.
The "Technical Implementation Procedures for Airworthiness and Environmental Certification" paragraph 2.13.2(2) provides that approval of a minor change by EASA is considered approved by Transport Canada Civil Aviation.

Applicable Documents

EASA Approval Certificate

BlueMAX Installation Manual

BlueMAX Cirrus POH Supplement

BlueMAX Automatic Upload and Reporting Setup Instructions

BlueMAX Firmware Upgrade Instructions

J719-P719 Wiring 2530-17

BlueMAX Cirrus Perspective Install Quick Reference Guide